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Across the UK, MCO Group Ltd. supply ecclesiastical building services. Churches, convents, cathedrals, our specialists labour no matter what type of ecclesiastical, historical building. With years of experience in any type of religious building renovations, we have picked up a diverse skill-set which we use to complete a number of jobs, regardless of how big or small.

Ecclesiastical Building Renovation in Chelmsford

We start every job with observation, putting together an in-depth plan of the job in-which we will undertake. We designate small, individual tasks to our expert team members, to make sure no tiny characteristic goes unnoticed. MCO Group Ltd also takes into consideration particular necessities, specific to the building as an individual, such as renewing materials for safety purposes.

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St Cuthburts Church

We were invited to provide a quotation for some repair works to a large external crucifix at St Cuthburt’s church and were lucky enough to be shown around by the Sacristan Secretary. Further pictures in the link


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