Period Building Renovation

Period building renovation is renewing architecture from a specific period of time, for example, pyramids from the ancient Egyptian era or the globe theatre from the Elizabethan era. When renovating, it is important to set distinct goals in order to only make strictly necessary changes without altering the historic atmosphere to the building. This adroitness gives us the ability to freeze time and provide clients with their dream Victorian home with a modern twist.

How MCO Period Building Renovation works

We jubilate our work on our capability to consistently perform and satisfy our customers’ every need. The diaphanous nature of the jobs we tackle mean accuracy is a priority, so we use our team of specialised workmen and women.

What MCO Group Ltd. do.

Our period building renovation team carry out upgrades and repairs to modernise traditional buildings with regards to comfort and safety, simultaneously with retaining an authentic feel.

Call to get in touch with our specialist team, and begin the process of renovating your period building today!

Period Building Renovation

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St Cuthburts Church

We were invited to provide a quotation for some repair works to a large external crucifix at St Cuthburt’s church and were lucky enough to be shown around by the Sacristan Secretary. Further pictures in the link


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