Energy saving works to reduce heat loss.


Central London




Mco Group Ltd were asked to attend to review an area within an office space that was very cold in the winter and heat loss was thought to be a major factor due to construction of this listed building.

We looked at various systems for a new warm deck outer roof and came upon a design where we overlaid the existing roof with a felt system enabling us to just achieve the necessary up-stand requirements around the perimeter and overlaid this with a Kingspan insulated board for external use inc forming a perimeter “box gutter” to allow water to disperse utilising all existing outlets. The insulated boards were then overlaid with a specific stone slab designed to hold them in place.

Within all other loft spaces we then laid a insulated solid backed board over the old oak floor boards where possible or between the rafters, works also inc relocated electrics & pipes as required and formed access panels, and ensured the loft spaces were lit sufficiently – our team of operatives also cleaned the loft spaces including handing the client many chattels such as small statues etc that had not been seen of known


Upon review it was clear that the existing flat roof area was uninsulated with a timber framed construction below. The building itself threw up further issues with its status but also the available up-stand sizes to the perimeter and internally the structure was not suitable for insulation overlay or between the structure.

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We were invited to provide a quotation for some repair works to a large external crucifix at St Cuthburt’s church and were lucky enough to be shown around by the Sacristan Secretary. Further pictures in the link


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