Mco Group were engaged to undertake investigation works of a possible failed beam within the library.


Temple, London




Small bit of history on the building, which now houses a Barristers Chambers – it’s a Grade II listed and originally Fleet Prison stood on this site until 1844!

Mco Group were engaged to undertake investigation works of a possible failed beam within the library that was showing signs of deflection and causing cracking / deflection within the decorative beam.

Following installation of protection and screening off the books we carefully removed a small section of cornice works and carefully propped that remaining. The complete length was then carefully removed to avoid a collapse, and also to ensure debris and dust did not become airborne which would of led to a major book clean up operation!

With the samples removed in small pieces and salvaged we contacted one of our tried and tested sub-contact specialist who provided us with costs / timescales to reproduce and then fit to our newly engineer designed Studwork with added strengthening at the joints.

The investigation, removals and cleaning up was commenced and completed within 3 days and the library left clean and tidy for an event on valentines day!


Our investigation showed that the original Studwork below had come detached from the main structure and this was causing the cracking and deflection.

Once the cornice work was removed and on the floor what became apparent was instead of the initial suspected “2 piece” repeat pattern there were actually several different details which make the reproduction more challenging.

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